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Phytochemistry, Standardisation and Biotechnological aspects of ISM Drugs

At least 75%-80% of the world's population depends on medicinal plant derivatives for primary healthcare. However, the purity and the     potency of these herbal drugs can       only be ensured    by Good  Manufacturing Practice (GMP), quality control and standardisation of the ingredients/crude drugs - as well as finished products. The WHO Training-cum-Workshop, held between 9th and 11th October, 2001, addressed different methods of plant analysis and identification as well as standardisation parameters which are directly related to quality control measures and testing/analysis of drugs used in ISM. The publication has documented the proceedings in detail, highlighting such topics as latest extraction techniques; methods of isolating and identifying organic molecules, marker compounds etc.; collection and standardisation of crude drugs (raw materials) and plant tissue culture as source of important drugs. Featured articles also deal with most up-to-date phytochemical practices such as High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography,  High  Performance Liquid  Chromatography  and  Chemical

Fingerprinting, used for confirming the identity, authenticity and therapeutical efficacy of herbal drugs. The book also includes chemical constituents of important plants and information on pharmacopoeial standardisation of medicinal and aromatic plants and their products. Monographs on plants featured in the Ayurvedic & Unani pharmacopoeias of India have been listed as well. Undoubtedly, this volume serves as a unique and indispensable practical guide for scientists and researchers; pharmacists and manufacturers.

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