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Un-Priced Publications

Production of ISM Drugs with Current Good Manufacturing Practices

This is more than just an overview of the first WHO Training-cum-Workshop, held between 3rd and 5th April, 2001. In order to take advantage of a rapidly expanding global   market  for Ayurvedic and other ISM drugs, the Indian  government has recently issued GMP Notifications and laid down more stringent pharmacopoeial standards so that the FDA requirements of importing countries can be fulfilled. The workshop was arranged to provide basic information on GMP norms and its various purviews. The entire proceeding has been recorded in the book including the technical topics discussed at the workshop. Extensive details on current and recommended procedures that would further ensure the quality of raw materials, standard manufacturing processes, quality control methods, validation procedures, storage and packaging, waste disposal etc. provide ample guidance to the existing ISM manufacturing units - ready to go global qualitywise and make it big in the international market. There are add-ons as well. Users can access monographs on single drugs of plant origin included in the three volumes of

the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of  India. A listing of single drugs featured in the Unani Pharmacopoeia of India (Part - I, Volume I) has also been included. The neatly produced volume is actually a two-in-one - a comprehensive document on industry practices doubling up as a reference tool.

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