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The Ayurvedic Formulary of India, Part II, English version contains description of 191 classical Ayurvedic formulations. Methods of preparation of different groups of formulations like asava, arishta, arka, avaleha, kwatha churna, guggulu, ghrita, chuma, taila, lepa, vati, anjara, parpati, pishli, bhasma, mandura and louha  are mentioned in detail with the ingredients, and English names for single drugs of plant, mineral and metal origin are given in the appendix which will make this book more user friendly for scientists, teachers, students and manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines. Definitions and terminologies used in Ayurvedic pharmacy are also mentioned in detail with authentic references. Purification method of poisonous drugs are given in its appendix lo facilitate Ayurvedic drug manufacturing pharmacists. The use of various formulations in different disease conditions are also given. In the end weights and measurements followed by the references are also given. In general this book will be more user friendly for scientists, research scholars, pharmacists, students and general readers.

Price : Rs 250.00  US $50
ISBN: 81-901151-2-X

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