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In order to develop and strengthen the man-power needs and to educate train and utilize the Drug Inspectors/Drug Analysts in the country, this laboratory also organize and undertake Orientation Lecture Programmes for Drug Inspectors/Drug Analysts to orient them in Indian Medicine Drug Control practices twice a year at National level. Drug Inspectors/Drug Analysts from different states of the country

participate in these programmes. Lectures of the eminent experts from various Institutions and Ministry deliver the lecture in this programme. The Government Analysts of different States attended this meeting and discussed the problems related with the standardization, analysis/testing of Indian Medicines. This Laboratory also organize training programmes for the scientific workers of Pharmaceutical Industry of ISM. This training highlights the important aspect of Quality Control, Good Manufacturing Practices, Regulatory Information etc. Laboratory has organized All India Govt. Analysts meeting. Laboratory has also organized WHO seminar on Medicinal Plants and Quality Control of Drugs used in ISM.

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